This section is a collection of frequently asked questions that were sent to us by international students. 

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Questions and answers

Why should I choose the Czech Republic for studies?

The Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for international study, with over 42.000 international students currently enrolled here. There are certainly many reasons for those choosing to study in the Czech Republic: long tradition of quality education, diverse range of study programmes, location in the heart of Europe, affordable tuition fees and lower costs of living, and last but not least, a colourful cultural experience and fascinating history. To discover more let´s visit our section Czech  Republic.

How do I find information about scholarships?

See the list of available scholarships at our website. We recommend you to have a look at the Government scholarships and Erasmus Mundus scholarships especially. 

Αre there any tuition fees for international students?

By law, higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities, with the following exceptions:

  • fees for administration of admission proceedings;
  • fees for extending the duration of study beyond a set limit;
  • fees for study in a foreign language.

Private institutions of higher education can fix their own fees. For detailed information please visit our website.

How many study programmes can I apply for with one application?

There doesn´t exist only one application form for all the Czech universities. Students who want to study full-time should apply directly to the higher education institution of their choice as each university can set its own admission requirements. Students may apply for several study programmes at various institutions and faculties. For more information visit our website .

What is the standard procedure and time period for submission of applications?

Students who want to study full-time should apply directly to the higher education institution of their choice. Students may apply for several study programmes at various institutions and faculties. The deadline for submitting applications is usually the end of February or March. Most higher education institutions offer the option of filing an application in electronic form. The date, content and form of the admission procedures are decided upon by the dean of the faculty or the rector of the higher education institution. For more information visit our website.

Is there a central organization through which applications are processed or does each university accept applications separately?

Each university accepts its applications separately. Each university has its own application forms which can be found on their websites.

Are there English-taught study programmes in the Czech Republic?

There are many study programmes and courses taught in English or in another foreign language. You can download a List of English taught study programmes offered by Czech universities and choose the right study programme for you.

Once you choose the university and a study programme please contact directly the admission department of the chosen university for more information or consult their webpages. For more information about universities you can also browse over the Catalogue of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

Is there a specific language examination that candidates must take?

It depends on the study programme and it differs university from university. For detailed information contact the university of your choice directly.

In case the admission requirements are not fulfilled, are there any other alternatives?

Some universities provide preparatory courses. Student administration departments can provide more information. 

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, which operates under the Charles University in Prague, offers Intensive Czech Language Courses, Preparatory Courses for University Study in Czech, Language Exams, Online Czech Courses and Summer Czech Language Courses. For more information visit our website.

What kind of higher education institutions are there in the Czech Republic?

In terms of the founder, higher education institutions can be public, state and private. The public and private higher education institutions come under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, while state institutions (University of Defence and Police Academy) are legally established under the control of the relevant ministries.

In terms of the study programmes they offer, higher education institutions may be non-university and university type. Non-university institutions offer mainly Bachelor’s study programmes. They can also offer Master’s programmes however not Doctoral programmes. Universities may offer all types of study programmes and carry out associated scholarly, research, developmental, artistic or other creative activities. For more detailed information download our Catalogue of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

How can students find their accommodation? (e.g. dormitories, private housing)

The majority of universities have their own dormitories or you can find your own or shared appartment. We provide some tips for accommodation search at website.

Are students entitled to free medical help?

You can get general information regarding medical care and insurance at our website.

Are there any certified language centres offering language courses at university level?

Visit our website for more information.

Where can I find other useful information?

You can download our brochures for international students here

  • Guide to studying and living in the Czech Republic
  • Catalogue of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic
  • The Education System of the Czech Republic.

Other useful websites are the following: