Have you studied or obtained your qualification abroad? Do you wish to further your studies in the Czech Republic? It is necessary to obtain an official document proving that your education is equal to the education in the Czech Republic. The process of recognition of completed education differs according to the level of education which you need to have recognized.

The process of recognition of elementary, secondary and higher (not university) education is called "nostrifikace". The documentation of completed elementary, secondary or higher education is called "vysvědčení" (certificate). How to proceed?

The process of recognition of university education is called the "recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in the Czech Republic". The documentation of completed university education is called "diplom" (diploma). How to proceed?

More information on the recognition of foreign higher education is also available on the website of the M ini stry of Education, Youth and Sports. You can also receive support and advice from the Czech NARIC Centre (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) which is operating under the ministry.